We actually clean your

We turn your raw operational data into simple, usable, and trustable data to power your most important decisions and products.

Powering data-driven companies


Who uses us

Data Analysts

Get the clean data you needed yesterday.

Spend more time using your data and less time munging it.


Easy best-in-class business intelligence.

Avoid infrastructure investments, expensive headcount, and inevitable technical challenges.


Think Carta for financial data.

We manage the financial reporting from your portfolio companies to you.


Clean data faster. So you can get to insights faster.

Ingesting and transforming data is repetitive and error-prone – wasting your time. We take care of this so you can focus on harnessing the data for your analytics and growth strategies.

Supports 100+ Systems

If it's important enough to power your business then we integrate with it. We support all modern APIs.

Harmonize Your Data

Our data mastering algorithms enable you to join datasets together to ask questions you didn't think were possible.

Fully Managed

Connect your data sources with a few clicks. We'll load clean data into your warehouse of choice. Refreshed daily.

10x Cheaper

Never worry about syncing too much data again. We offer better rates than competitors like Fivetran, Stitch, and Segment.

Analytics Quickstart

Access our intuitive analytics recipe book so your team can measure key performance indicators like ARR, LTV, churn, and more.

Complete History

We don't just give you a snapshot of your data. You'll have all your data. All the time. Up to date.

Quit sleeping on your data.

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