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Ditch the Spreadsheets, Win the Day

Bluelight gives home service contractors revenue projections, pace reporting, variance analysis & more—in real time.

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Hit your revenue goals

Bluelight provides visibility into the root causes of your revenue performance so that you can focus on improvement and growth.

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Project daily revenue

Start each day knowing exactly how close you are to your goals and take action to win the day.

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Understand performance drivers

Drill into key metrics such as call volume, conversion rate and average sale to quickly figure out what is holding you back.

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Keep teams in sync

Centralize your data and give everyone the analytical capability to adapt and do their best.

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Purpose-built for the trades

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Daily Huddle

Start the day off strong with dashboards and tools specifically designed for your Daily Huddle.

Customer Lifetime Value

Quantify how much a service agreement is worth over time and determine the actual size of your backlog.

Real-time Reporting

Gain real-time insights that never go out of date and can truly keep up with the trades.

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Revenue Accountability

Understand the exact impact key performance drivers have on your revenue growth.

Marketing Monitor

Identify marketing opportunities and measure your ROI on past campaigns.

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Centralize data from multiple tools and create your single source of truth.

How it works

Setup is easy, no PhD required

Get started with a few easy clicks.

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Connect your data

Tools such as ServiceTitan, Quickbooks and Sage Intacct connect directly to Bluelight for reporting that is always up to date – no technical skills required.

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Input your revenue plan

Bluelight automatically compares your goals against actual performance to give you insights that are tailor-made to your business.

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Invite your team

Bluelight gives your team a single source of truth and fosters better communication – move faster and with greater confidence.

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