Growing Revenue for the Trades

Spend more time growing your business and less in spreadsheets with the analytics tool built for the trades.

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Finally have confidence in your metrics

Effectively coach your teams with reliable numbers and reporting.

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Set ambitious goals

Develop data-driven goals for each team with our forecasting and performance de-composition modules.

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Execute your game plan

Give everyone real-time insights into goal performance. Drill into your key metrics to quickly figure out what is holding you back.

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Win the day

Start each day with easy-to-use insights so everyone knows what's needed to take action and hit their goals.

We are dialed in with Bluelight - they designed this for our industry.

Seth Wyatt WyattWorks owner
Seth Wyatt
Owner at WyattWorks Plumbing

Purpose-built for the trades

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Daily Huddle

Start the day off strong with dashboards and tools specifically designed for your Daily Huddle.

Demand Forecasts

Predict future demand accurately to allocate resources effectively.

Real-time Metrics

Gain real-time insights that never go out of date and can truly keep up with the trades.

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Budget & Goal Tracking

Understand the exact impact key performance drivers have on your revenue growth.

Capacity Planning

Quantify missed revenue opportunities and optimize service and revenue using real-time booking limits.

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Single Source of Truth

Integrate and centralize data from multiple tools and create your single source of truth.

Contractors are now competing on analytics

How it works

Setup is easy, no PhD required

We will guide you every step of the way.

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Connect your data

Tools such as ServiceTitan, Quickbooks and Sage Intacct connect directly to Bluelight for reporting that is always up to date – no technical skills required.

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Set up your account

Configure your metrics and budgets and Bluelight will automatically track your goals against actual performance to give you insights that are tailor-made to your business.

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Get results

Bluelight gives your team a single source of truth and fosters better communication – move faster and with greater confidence.

Take control of your business.

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